Why You Shouldn’t Use Dating Apps

Sure, dating apps (like Tinder) can be great for a number of reasons: ‘meet’ new people, potential to go out and socialize, boost of self-confidence, etc. However, there are probably more negatives to dating apps than there are positives. Allow me to explain.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Dating Apps

Waste of Your Time

A lot of Tinder users say their reason for using the app is because “they don’t have time to meet people.” Sorry, but what a crock! Tinder users spend majority of their time on the app deciding if a stranger is good looking enough to risk being murdered, a lot of their time typing “hey” with no intention of actually getting to know someone, and the rare minority actually “meeting people”. Quit wasting your precious down time on these dating apps trying to get down… or loved, they’re not worth it.

Jeopardizing Your State of Mind

Sure, for some users, dating apps can give them a boost of self-confidence and make them feel like they’re on top of the world. But what about the other users? You could be jeopardizing your state of mind and mental health on these dating apps. Why aren’t I getting any matches? Why aren’t people messaging me? Am I ugly? Am I boring? Am I too plain? These may be the thoughts that play on your mind simply because of others’ disinterest. But why let your confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and mental state rest on the shoulders of total strangers?

It’s Not Fun

I don’t think anyone enjoys being on dating apps. Even hot people whom, by definition, are supposed to be raking in DM’s and swipes, think dating apps are horrendous. And if hot people aren’t enjoying it, then you know it can’t be any fun. Let’s face it, dating apps aren’t enjoyable and they are just used as an excruciating way to pass time, and every time you’re using the app you catch yourself thinking, ‘why the f^*$ am I on this again?’ You know it’s true.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Dating Apps

IRL Crushes Are Where It’s At

I think everyone will agree with me that nothing can compare to having an IRL crush. Maybe you met at a work function, through mutual friends, at a party, a bar. Wherever it was, you remember the first time you met and it still puts that goofy smile on your face. I don’t think Tinder, or any other dating app, can replicate that feeling; considering first ‘meetings’ on dating apps usually go something like this: “hey, *insert cheesy pick up line*… send nudes.” There is no way these messages give you those nervous butterflies in your stomach like an IRL crush. No, these messages just make you want to puke. Put the phone down, and go get yourself a real crush. Because until you do, you won’t know what you’re missing out on.

I hope this article has inspired you to change your dating game, delete your Tinder account and go get the attention and love that you deserve.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Dating Apps