Real Igloos – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Get ready for an enchanting adventure at the Kakslauttannen Arctic Resort. If you have never seen the Northern Lights, the real glass igloos you will be staying in, offer you an unobstructed view of the Aurora. The secluded resort is located 150 miles from the Arctic Circle. Of course, the glass igloos and the mystical lights are its main attraction, but there are tons of other activities for you to try that are native to the land. Since its construction in 1999, the hotel has gained fame over the years and has had its fair share of famous guests. The hotel is quite concealed, and it takes some to reach, but the effort is well worth it. Nothing quite compares to this winter wonderland.

The Hotel

The hotel itself is made of thermal glass; it traps all the heat inside while still providing uninhibited views of the gorgeous sky. Thermal glass has superior insulation to keep you toasty and warm in the middle of the Arctic. There isn’t Wi-Fi access in all the igloos, and this is designed to give you a break from city life and allow you to connect with nature. The glass accommodations vary in size. For larger parties, a hybrid of a log cabin with a glass igloo is available – a Kelo-Glass Igloo.

Real Igloos – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Santa Lives Here!

Sending letters to Kris Kringle is a thing of the past in a village dedicated to Father Christmas in Rovaniemi, a good three-hour drive away from your hotel. A trip to the Arctic Circle isn’t complete without a visit to the elves. See Santa and what he does in his day-to-day life. Whether you decide to pay him a visit in the winter or summer, there is a myriad of fun events to participate in, from crossing the Arctic Circle line to meeting Santa’s actual reindeers! Send your love ones postcards from the North Pole at the main post office, complete with unique stamps!

Reindeer Safari

Arctic animals are not ones we come in contact with every day. Take the opportunity to see real-life reindeer while you’re in Lapland. Travel the way the Sami people do – via reindeer! The Sami are an indigenous people inhabiting parts of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. What better way to get to and from Santa’s Village than with his traveling companions? Or head to a reindeer farm and see for yourself how the reindeer live on their 364 days off. Since Kakslauttannen is a ways away, you may have to head to the pick-up points on your own.

Real Igloos – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Snow Tank Safari Aurora Hunt

Enjoy a custom ride around the icy landscapes of Finland with the snow tank safaris. The unique tank pulls you in an enclosed “sleigh”, from where you can view your surroundings and chase the Aurora from the comfort of a warm interior. Choose between 2 to 3-hour rides with breaks in between supplied with traditional treats and refreshments. Blankets of snow and evergreen trees dusted with snowflakes will surround you on this one of a kind safari. Just like a scene out of Narnia, we couldn’t envision a more magical location.

Ice Fishing

Do you like fishing? If so, you must experience ice fishing on Lake Inarinjarvi. A local guide will accompany you and coach you on the ins and outs of this icy sport. Participate in every aspect of the journey from capturing your lunch to emptying the winter nets! After roasting your catch over an open fire, hitch a ride via snowmobile to a church and the museum of the Sami people to further immerse yourself in the culture of Finland.

Real Igloos – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Every location has something for you to experience. Kakslauttanen has its share of winter activities, but it’s also a bustling tourist attraction in the summer. With glass igloos to stay in and a multitude of activities that allow you to bring Christmas to life, Finland is truly a real-life winter wonderland.